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A 1,000 km Love Story

When news reached Solomon (a young church leader in northern Myanmar) of an upcoming BELT seminar in the south, his desire to attend could not be squelched. To earn travel money, he began to search for, extract and sell herbal roots, but his tireless efforts provided a meager $10 for a trip that would cost $350. Still, he was undeterred. Though the journey would be over 1000 kilometers, he began it – on foot – stirred by deep hunger and affection for God. For 2 days, he journeyed alone, praying and singing, “Only my thirst can be satisfied by God.” Upon reaching a village, he met a pastor, and joined him in setting free a man possessed by a demon. The family gave Solomon a small gift which was enough for the next leg of the journey. Each step of the 2-week journey, God provided in remarkable ways until Solomon finally arrived where the BELT seminar was being held. And there, God met him – along with other pastors and government officials – as the result of the ordinary setting out on extraordinary lengths to encounter a generously rewarding God. Because of love.


  • YWAM: Youth With a Mission
  • Wycliffe
  • BSN