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Read what other ministries and leaders have to say about BELT.

From Wycliffe Bible Translators

  • “Church leaders in most local language groups greatly need culturally appropriate Bible teaching.  BELT does this difficult task beautifully.”  ~Wayne Dye, PhD, International Anthropology Consultant, Wycliffe Bible Translators
  • “One of the primary benefits of BELT is that it provides an intensive experience in local language Scripture use, where reading, teaching and understanding the translated Scripture is modelled and given high value.” ~Dr. M. Paul Lewis, International Sociolinguistics Coordinator, Wycliffe Bible Translators
  • “This BELT project is transforming people’s hearts, minds and has already started to transform aspects in society; and I believe it is going to transform the Congo.” – – Bettina Gottschlich-Modibale, SIL Scripture Use Consultant, DR Congo
  • ”The fact is, most of our SIL [Summer Institute of Linguistics] work fails to bear fruit BECAUSE THE TRUTH SELDOM GETS TAUGHT.   We worry far too much about being adequately tuned in to the culture and people, and not nearly enough about never teaching at all to most of our village contacts!…  [T]ogether we [YWAM and SIL] can be a powerful combination.”~ Wayne Dye, PhD, International Anthropology Consultant, Wycliffe Bible Translators
  • “For many years I have travelled in lands where missionary work is being carried out. I have seen the impact of church planting, evangelism to the unreached, and Bible Translation. However, I have been saddened to see the lack of teaching in the fundamentals of the Scripture with the result that the church is weak or worse, and where it has ended up with syncretism as people mixed the gospel with their own cultural and religious beliefs.
  • One of the special ministries that God has raised up in recent years is the BELT program conducted by YWAM. To see the depth of Bible teaching and the application of the truth of the Scriptures through this training has been a genuine answer to this serious lack.  This program should be replicated as quickly as possible as far as possible. I commend it heartily, especially where the church is young, weak or lacking maturity.” ~David Cummings, Past International President of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Senior trainer, Leadership Matters Course

 From Youth With A Mission

  • “BELT is a wonderful tool to bring the truth of the Word of God and the heart of its message to people. I have found it relevant and transformational each time I ran a BELT course in a Pacific Island community.”  ~ Hinrich Kraenzlin, YWAM Pacific Regional Leader
  • “We, as YWAM staff, have benefited a lot through the BELT course. The BELT Course helped us to have a broad picture of God’s heart for discipling the nation. It has renewed our passion for God and for the lost. It has equipped us to teach effectively and with authority.” ~Robert Puyu, Youth With A Mission National Director in S Asia
  • “The BELT seminar is an extremely effective, easily multiplied, and locally sustainable method of spreading the Gospel. “ — Warren Keapproth, American Central Director, Youth With A Mission
  • “One of the keys to make world missions more effective is to train those who can multiply the truth into others. BELT has been a valuable tool to expand the message of the Gospel. The results have always been dynamic.The material concisely and effectively enables Bible teachers to communicate the Gospel message. It brilliantly captures the key ideas of the Kingdom of God that can transform nations.” -Don and Barb Johnson, Youth With A Mission Central America Directors, Founders of YWAM Nicaragua
  •  “BELT fills one of the great needs of pioneer situations worldwide by providing handles and tools for people to access Biblical truth. Practical and learner oriented, BELT equips people with a framework to understand and apply the whole Bible to the whole of life. I heartily endorse their vision, heart and work.” – Pastor Mike Huckins, Bible School for the Nations Eldership Team