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How are these trips funded?
  • As with all YWAM ventures, there is no corporate funding provided for personal or  ministry expenses. Each one relies on God for His method of provision.
Can short-term trips be effective?
  • BELT only accepts invitations from local entities and national committees. In this way, seminars are more likely to meet a community’s expressed felt needs. In partnering with long-term workers and their efforts, along with their expertise and relationships, short-term teams’ effectiveness is also enhanced. See responses by a Wycliffe field worker and Wycliffe anthropology consultant.
What have been some long-term results of the seminars? How can my church become involved? Tell me more about Youth With A Mission. Tell me more about Wycliffe Bible Translators. Does BELT solely work with Wycliffe Bible Translators?
  • Though WBT is a primary focus for BELT, we also partner with other YWAM centers, Bible Translation associations and local churches.
If we’d like to host a BELT team, how do we proceed? How do we become BELT qualified?
  • A one to two week intensive BELT training orientation providing basic understanding and tools for teaching BELT seminars is available for groups interested in operating BELT seminars from their respective locations.  Click here for more information.
  • The Bible School for the Nations training is also recommended for a deeper Biblical knowledge and understanding of the BELT curriculum and methodology. This will lend to greater effectiveness in running BELT seminars. Click here for more information.
Can I use the Transformation Series materials for purposes other than BELT seminars?
  • The materials can be used for any Bible training scenario. We only ask that credit for the curriculum’s development be given to BELT, and that the seminar itself NOT be called by the BELT name unless conducted by BELT qualified individuals and in accordance with BELT standards and specifications.