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History & Core Values


BELT was founded in 1995, utilizing graduates from YWAM’s School of the Bible and Teachers for the Nations, to conduct the very first seminar following Wycliffe’s 400th New Testament dedication in Papua New Guinea. The fruitfulness of this venture, combining the strengths of Wycliffe Bible Translators and Youth With A Mission, along with God’s blessing, prompted further cooperative projects of Scripture Engagement all around the world. See video “To the Beat of a Different Drum” detailing this inception.

“We [Wycliffe] give the Bible to the people, and you [BELT] open it for them.” ~ Wayne Dye (PhD, International Anthropology Consultant, Wycliffe Bible Translators)

Since this time, 200+ BELT seminars have been conducted in 30+ nations on all 6 continents with 50+ different people groups.

BELT is a ministry of Youth With A Mission, an international volunteer movement of Christians from many backgrounds, cultures and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world with the purpose to know God and to make Him known.  YWAM currently operates in more than 1000 locations in over 180 countries, with a staff of over 18,000, seeking to change lives through training, conveying the message of the gospel and caring for those in need. Click here to see our statement of faith.

BELT Values

Multiplication of truth – BELT seeks to multiply learners who can reason from the Bible to every area of life and influence church and community transformation. We believe the Bible is the authoritative and living Word of God which, when properly understood, applied and practiced, will bring growth and development in every individual, community and culture.

Cultural Diversity BELT seeks to be international and interdenominational in its global scope and in its multinational teams.  We believe that ethnic, linguistic and denominational diversity, along with redeemed aspects of culture, are positive factors that contribute to the health and growth of the Body of Christ. Additionally, we seek to contextualize our training and ministry to be relevant among cultures with various learning styles and in their heart language.

Teamwork – BELT affirms the importance of Christian unity and teamwork, where each member’s unique gifting and input is affirmed, where healthy communication and accountability exist and all members take ownership for their part. We value team leadership where the weight of leadership is shared by those who use their complementary strengths to serve. Additionally, we pursue strategic win-win partnerships with indigenous churches and established mission organizations worldwide.

Excellence – BELT workers seek to be life-long learners, open to input and engaging in on-going education. We strive for maturity in Christian character and leadership and quality in Bible training and ministry.

Reliance on the Holy Spirit – We recognize that talent, experience and skills in no way can replace the probing, convicting and life-altering activity of the Holy Spirit. As such, we teach, mentor and lead in humility and in dependency on Him.