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Reports & Testimonials

Read about God’s faithfulness in the nations and what participants are saying.


“The BELT teachings have changed my own behavior and leadership, and as I did storytelling in our own home, I saw my wife and children also transformed. We also taught the BELT material to young people in the school where I work and we saw immorality and violence decrease. We will be teaching BELT material at the coming conference for headmasters from our district.”

– Headmaster Anzadoka, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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“Since doing the BELT course we have pioneered three churches and five small fellowships…The BELT course was the foundation of my spiritual life, so I am very grateful for (it). I hope to see this training run again in Nepal.”

– Birbal, Nepal

“It has been a struggle to know what to preach each week in our church. The BELT seminar has not only given me material to teach, but also showed me how to be more creative and use stories to teach the Bible. As a result, I have more confidence to teach and preach.”

– Prokash, Nepal

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Eastern Europe

“The subject of the seminar and the method of bringing it was the best way to talk about God to university students. It not only related to their current studies (politics, sociology, etc), but also to their desire to see their nation moving forward.”

– Shkaba, BELT translator and student, University of Prishtina, Kosovo

“This seminar was like opening treasure and giving out gifts to the students. They need to know these things.”

– Pastor Lirak, BELT translator, Kosovo


Latin America

“Following this seminar, I, as a leader, now have a better comprehension of the work I have to do with the church. I think this will help me to serve better and, with the Lord’s help, the church will be influenced and together we’re going to influence our community.”

– Pastor Mario, Honduras

“This training has helped me to change the way I see salvation. This view of this topic has given me freedom, relief and joy in my Christian living.”

– Pedro, MD, El Salvador



“I have been pastoring in this remote area for 20 years. It was like I was cutting down the jungle and I had grown weary and my machete had become dull. The BELT course came and refreshed me and like a file, sharpened my machete. Now I am ready to minister again.”

– Pastor Dua, Papua New Guinea

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