• “I learned so much in this course, I hated to miss any session. I will teach what I have learned in the BELT course first to my family and then to my village.” ~ George, community leader
  • “The method I have learned in how to teach the Bible through telling Bible stories has been inspiring. I have found myself wanting to tell stories all the time.” ~ Pastor Noah

DR Congo

  • A heaviness and hopelessness rested on the seminar participants as they considered their nation’s future. After learning and accepting that God loves their nation, and that God and His Word can transform their nation by transforming its people, Pastor John stood up and encouraged everyone “Brothers and sisters –let’s teach this to our people! This is the key to transform our nation!”  Isiro, 2012
  • In a place where many church denominations work in isolation from one another, and where noticeable conflict and disunity exist among church leaders of different denominations, many towns people remarked that such cooperation among the denominations was something that had never happened before. One pastor enthusiastically shared about the seminar, “The whole town of Isiro will be surprised to see the churches working together! It has been amazing how God has brought us together – we are praying together, discussing together, doing outreach together…” Isiro, 2010
  • After the BELT seminar was over, the 59 BELT participants, which had represented 22 disunified denominations and 14 different language groups, initiated meeting together each month for encouragement, unity and community outreach. Isiro, 2010
  • “These BELT seminars are what the Congo needs. They are a tool for breaking strongholds, and a medicine for bringing healing in this country which suffers from corruption, injustice, repeated wars, disease, hunger, sufferings, etc. The BELT topics penetrate the heart and the mind with transforming power. Reaching church leaders in the Congo with the BELT teachings is the beginning of the country’s transformation.” ~ Mana, YWAM Missionary
  • “I used to think that all the bad things that happen in the Congo were God’s will and that therefore he cannot love us. Now I know that God values us and that our nation’s destiny depends on our response to him.” ~ Pastor Joseph
  • “The teachings are bringing transformation to our lives and giving us new strategies of how to preach. We cannot remain the same but these teachings are forcing us to change.” Michelle, church leader
  • “Everyday, and in every lesson, God is speaking to me.” ~Pastor Manzimba
  • “The BELT way of teaching is different from what we do. It doesn’t just fill our brains, but is very practical teaching that changes our lives.” ~ Pastor Naganea
  • “If you come to my house you will find copies of the BELT posters all over the walls of my house. Whenever someone comes to my house, I teach them the BELT lessons.” ~ Pastor Alama


  • “I have been a pastor for 15 years but I have been in darkness. I knew the scriptures about God being love, but I have not known how to apply these to my daily life, to live a holy life and in intimacy with God…Indeed I have had a very poor relationship with my God before this course simply because I did not know how to strengthen my relationship with Him.” ~ Pastor Musaket
  • “The course has also brought unity among the pastors of the 10 denominations attending this course…which has not happened before among the Sabaot pastors in Kenya. The course has encouraged us as Sabaot pastors to reach our own people in our own language and not feel guilty about it as we have before.” ~ Pastor Paul

Reports & Testimonials