• Upon observing the interest, commitment, and results of the short-term Bible seminar, long-term workers began similar, lengthier discipleship training programs which continue to run regularly with good success.


  • God’s Word brought breakthrough for several families in S Asia. One woman, named Rita, was able to reconcile with her estranged husband. After two weeks of teaching and application. she called him and said, “From now on we must walk together in the light…”  2009
  • “In the Father Heart of God teaching, I realized I had been hard in disciplining our son and had built up a wall between us. I understood that I needed to forgive my son’s mistakes as God loves and forgives His children. When I went home that night the Holy Spirit opened our hearts and broke down the walls between us. The seminar has helped bring transformation to my life and that of my family.”  2009


  • Locals have been transformed and equipped with the result that they are evangelizing and discipling their own people. Villages are requesting BELT courses and there is now a local team that is providing this training. A movie has been produced of this community in the local language (with participants from the course) to help evangelize the nation.  2009
  • Cooks of a seminar in central Asia were saved as they faithfully served the team and the participants. Often overhearing the teachings, they were compelled by the “kindness of God” to begin their relationship with Him. The team said, ‘the best part was seeing their faces light up when they were given their first Bible!”. 2009


  • God’s presence heavily permeated one teaching session with the result that some participants were healed of physical pain, others of emotional pain. Some students felt joy that they hadn’t known in a long time, while others were freed of deeply seeded anger. 2013
  • A young, recent convert from Hinduism eagerly attended two BELT seminars. His strong faith in Hinduism had been shattered after becoming partially paralyzed and seeing no results come from witch doctors, as well as medical doctors. At last, his newly converted parents declared that God would heal his sickness when they prayed and believed. As the believers at church prayed, he was healed. He and his wife were born into the kingdom and joined God’s mission on this earth. They now serve as church planters in an unreached people group in Nepal which has eight churches and 800 believers. They recently baptized 97 new believers. He shares, “All Nepalis need this (BELT training)!”. 2012
  • “I have attended many seminars and have studied many books, but I still couldn’t find the answers to my questions. Within these last days I have received many of the answers that I was looking for.”
  • “(During the BELT seminar), God told me that He knows about my sickness. He heard my prayers and healed me.” ~ Gita, 2013

Reports & Testimonials