Papua New Guinea

  • When revival swept through a remote jungle village, a local leader commented that it was the BELT seminars that had laid the foundation for God to move in revival amongst the villagers.
  • A village magistrate and former pastor shared in tears that he had been feeding his people for 30 years but they had not been growing. During the BELT seminar he said, “now they are growing”. 2006
  • “I have been to Bible school but did not gain as much as I did from these BELT courses.” ~ Pastor Martin
  • “We were like dry bones. BELT gave meat and fat on our dry bones. Now we can bring life to the church and community.” ~ Pelek, church elder


  • The vision of BELT is being multiplied in the lives of nationals. “Throughout Vanuatu there is still a big need of Jesus Christ… I have a vision of BELT reaching all the Islands of Vanuatu. This year I want to bless my nation with BELT teachings all around Vanuatu.” ~ Selvin, 2011
  • “Many people gave very good comments about the teaching we gave the last two weeks. They shared with tears because they never received a teaching like that before… One of the ladies turned 62 and she said that this year she received a great gift from God throughout the last two weeks: a new relationship with God, new beginnings, and 2 weeks young spiritually. She cut a cake as a sign of her new birth in Christ.”~ Selvin, BELT trainer


  • “Your coming has been an answer to my prayers. All my life I have wanted to KNOW God – now you have taught me to do this!” ~ Jesse, Teacher
  • “….people are so hungry! You have given us something to feed them with!” ~ Savrina

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