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Training School

Bible School for the Nations (BSN)

The BSN is designed to provide a Biblical foundation, skills and experience for those interested in serving with BELT. Be captivated in your own pursuit of God, and gain insights to share His beauty with others.

The BSN is a life-giving, six month chronological study through the Old and New Testaments, which seeks to cultivate people of godly character who are deepening in their love for God, and who understand His character and how He brings about His purposes in history.

Scripture is studied in its historical and grammatical context, and principles of leadership, civil government and economics are explored, along with the vital message of the gospel and the Christian life.

Training is also provided for the students to become more creative and effective communicators as they participate in a BELT school outreach. The BSN is accredited with the University of the Nations. Click here for a BSN location near you.

Topics Include

  • Intro to Studying the Bible
  • The Pentateuch
  • The Kingdom of Israel
  • The Exile
  • Cross Cultural Communications
  • The Kingdom of God
  • The Early Church
  • Liberating the Nations
  • BELT Outreach


  • “I have enjoyed the in-depth chronological approach to studying the Bible in the BSN. I have loved digging deep into the Word of God, even the difficult parts, for understanding and clarity. As a result, I have greater appreciation for the consistency of character of a compassionate, patient, forgiving and just God”.

– Hinrich Kraenzlin, Germany (YWAM’s Director of the Pacific)

  • “BSN is a twelve-year dream come true. I have always wanted to know the Bible and be able to study it, but I thought it would be too difficult to understand and I didn’t know where to start. The BSN has made the Bible come alive for me. The God of the Bible is so amazingly forgiving and lovingly just in his dealings with people and nations. I am being given a Biblical foundation and the tools to study the Bible so I can build on that foundation for the rest of my life. BSN has been a wonderful thing for both me and my family. It has given me a starting point to know how to bring my life and the life of my family into the abundant life that God has always intended for us”.

– Clinton, Australia (Director of YWAM Paisley, Scotland)

  • “During BSN, I fell in love with God in a new way. I came to realize that God is consistent from the Old to New Testament, and that his love for people is overwhelming. I saw God’s heart for people, specifically His heart for me. I found freedom I never knew I could have. I would recommend BSN to anyone who wants to know God not only through the truth of the Word, but through transformation in their own heart”.

– Chris, USA

  • “The BSN definitely changed my life. I got a lifetime download of the heart of God from Genesis to Revelation…”

– Michelle, USA

  • “The Bible has come alive to me during the BSN. Before the school it was like I was living in only one room of a house, but now, the other rooms of the house have been opened up to me and there is so much more than I ever imagined…. The Bible is no longer just a book, but it is a story that I am a part of ”.

– Karlien, Australia

  • “When I came to BSN, I saw God’s glory, and I lived conquered by Him. What I leave with from BSN is something more than head knowledge, savvy grammar, or even bragging that I have done a Bible school, but the moments of truth that I have had with my heavenly Father that will forever be engraved in my heart as a testimony of strength for the hard times to come”.

– Jon, USA

  • ”The BSN really unlocked the Bible for me. The four months of lectures were amazing in discovering the Old Testament and the New Testament. God’s Word is such a gift for every area of life ”.

– Manuel, Germany