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From Academic to Worshipper

Growing up with a dad who was the president of a Bible college meant that by the time I was in high school, I knew more about the Bible and theology than most. I had a decent respect for the Bible and I could identify good teaching when I heard it. Three years ago, when I decided to become a missionary, I listened to every podcast and teaching I could get my hands on. I then attended a three month Bible school which invested 50 hours a week into the study of Scripture. I then staffed that school, learning even more about how to study the Bible. At its conclusion, I started teaching the other missionaries, which kept me researching Scripture. It was then suggested that I attend the BELT Trainers Seminar. All I knew about this seminar was that it should teach me how to teach better. But what happened at the seminar was different than what I expected. The BELT course did something that all my training and personal study hadn’t done very well. It brought the Bible and its message to life. BELT showed me, through all the previous knowledge I had built, what the message of Jesus Christ actually did. By the end of the first week I had learned, with Biblical evidence, what God thought of me and how every aspect of the Old Testament points to how God loves his people and actively desires to be reunited with them. I had learned that God wants me to stop taking my punishment into my own hands when Jesus already took my punishment and forgives me. It helped me to be free from bad theology and encouraged me to go to Scripture to find my answers. By the end of the first week, I had only one response. Worship. The BELT Seminar is something that I would encourage anyone to do because it communicates the story of the Bible in an easy to understand way that inspires you to dive into the Bible yourself. And worship. Nathanael, BELT Trainers Intensive Participant


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