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“The specific, persistent prayer of a righteous person accomplishes much.” James 5:16 The level of spiritual warfare BELT teams experience can be intense.  The need for wisdom and discernment is never lacking. God’s favor and anointing is what we crave. Adequate prayer covering is essential for all teams and participants, for all Bible Schools for the Nations, for all BELT endeavors. Thank you for partnering with us in this vital way!!! Click here for a BELT prayer guide.


BELT Assistance Fund The travel and other costs involved for national workers to join in the BELT vision are often prohibitive. Enable these “faithful ones” from the majority world to participate in the vision of empowering other leaders who have limited access to Bible training and “to entrust that which they have learnt to train others also”. 2 Tim 2:2
Ways to Give
In the USA Click here to see how you can give. In Australia There is no longer a way to give in Australia. If interested, please contact us.


 Want to get out there and make a difference with your life? We offer the kind of training that will equip you for impact. BELT Orientation Seminar A one to two week seminar designed to prepare and equip those teaching BELT seminars. This orientation seminar introduces trainers to the history of BELT, the curriculum and methodology of BELT, as well as provides principles of training adults and working across cultures. It introduces and develops the skills of Bible storying and Discovery Learning – learning methods of the majority world. A practicum is also strongly encouraged to accompany the in-class portion in which a mentor guides the trainer through his/her teaching and follows the teaching experience with an evaluation. Contact us for a seminar near you. YWAM Bible School for the Nations (BSN) The BSN is designed to provide a Biblical foundation, skills and experience for those interested in serving with BELT. Be captivated in your own pursuit of God, and gain insights to share His beauty with others. The BSN is an inspiring, six month chronological study through the Old and New Testaments, which seeks to cultivate people of godly character who are deepening in their love for God, and who understand His character and how He brings about His purposes in history. Scripture is studied in its historical and grammatical context, and principles of leadership, civil government and economics are explored, along with the vital message of the gospel and the Christian life. Training is also provided for the students to become more creative and effective communicators as they participate in a BELT school outreach. The BSN is accredited with the University of the NationsClick here for a BSN location near you. YWAM School of the Bible (SOTB) School of the Bible (SOTB) is a year long course and is designed to provide students with an overview of Biblical and church history, with an emphasis on how to study and apply principles of the Word of God. It is designed to enhance ministry and personal study and to improve leadership and communication skills. The program focuses on practical application of Biblical truth into all areas of life, not merely academic study.  The school prepares men and women who not only understand the truth, but have hearts that are kindled with a passionate love for God and who are able to confidently and effectively influence today’s marketplace of ideas. Schools are offered in the USA and Nicaragua. Click here for further details.