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Informing the Intelligencia

Meeting with the governor of a new province in the DR Congo, as well as 5 other regional offices – including the Intelligencia (equivalent of the CIA) – the BELT members delivered the same message, “We have come to preach the gospel of Jesus in your city. We believe that when the Bible is applied to every part of society, your city and nation will be transformed.”

The team went on to exhort the officials against acting corruptly and accepting bribes, and to instead promote true liberty built on the historically proven principles of God’s Word. At each office, gratitude for the message was expressed.

As these seeds were sown in the formation of this new capitol city, more seeds were scattered among other community leaders and pastors who then went on to proclaim Christ’s message on street corners and in meeting places. Days of powerful prayer followed in the marketplace where healings took place, as hungering hearts opened wide to Jesus.