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The need is great. The opportunities are vast. Read below for some significant long-term ventures of BELT.

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa

Situated in the center of Africa,the DRC is rich in natural resources, yet is one of the poorest nations in the world.

The Congo has undergone 10 years of war with neighboring nations, famine, and displacement, with an AIDS epidemic, guerrilla activity and continued corruption resulting in millions dead and a nation ravaged. The killing and trauma of the war have left many widowed and orphaned, as well as left many emotional and spiritual scars which continue to haunt the people.The church is trying to meet some of this need, but many church leaders feel ill-equipped to deal with the issues they face. In partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators, BELT is empowering church and community leaders in 11 regions in the north-east, containing more than 30 people groups, with relevant Bible and leadership training to impact hurting communities.

South Asia

Surrounded by the Himalayas, this small nation was the only Hindu kingdom in the world. Now, under Communist Maoist rule, the future of Nepal is uncertain. BELT is training and equipping national YW*W church planters to disciple the growing numbers of new converts in 18 unreached people groups. In addition to providing training in the BELT curriculum, the Bible School for the Nations is providing more extensive training in a holistic worldview for these frontier missionaries.

Yachts for Life, Pacific

A collection of islands dots the vast expanse of ocean where a vacuum exists for meaningful discipleship.  Two sailing vessels will now be able to saturate remote outer Pacific island communities with Bible training and also aid in each community’s development. Additionally, at the invitation of the Fiji government and the local church, BELT will also be delivering Bible training and community development to Fiji’s neglected islands.



At the heart of Mexico, the eight most central states are less than 1% evangelical Christian. This least evangelized area in all the Americas is called the Circle of Silence, the darkest place in Mexico.  The vision is to reach these 53 people groups, to equip and mobilize this least reached/unreached area, that righteousness and justice would thrive in every area of society.