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Keep Sea Hawk Sailing

Hundreds of remote populated islands dot the Pacific, where it takes days to get to and from the nearest airport. To live on these islands is connected to many hardships, especially in the face of cyclones and earthquakes. Though many of the people living on these islands may feel forgotten by the rest of the world, their Creator has not forgotten them. Yachts for Life empower remote Pacific Island communities through sharing knowledge based on Biblical principles relating to every sphere of life (BELT) and through sharing basic community development practices.

Mandolin (33 foot yacht) and Sea Hawk (53 foot yacht) give outer island communities the opportunity to make a significant contribution to life as God intended it.

By March 31, US$100,000 is needed to pay off Sea Hawk to see it continue investing in these not-forgotten ones. Would you ask God if He’d like you to be a part of seeing Sea Hawk continue to sail God’s light and care to these isolated islands?

For more information and for giving options, go to https://ywambethlehem.co.nz/partners/yachts-for-life/.