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Love Poured Out

With one week left in this closed Asian nation, the BELT team was unsure what God had in store for them. The following morning, they received a call, “Come now!” So cancelling all other meetings, they jumped on the train. Arriving at an arts complex, they went upstairs where 50 attendees were crowded into a small room, eager to receive teaching from God’s precious Word. And there, God’s love was poured out.

“God wanted to show me that He hadn’t forgotten me.” (young mother)

“You brought Gods love to us.” (many shared this)

“You teach differently from others. Your teaching is practical and is helping me to renew my worldview to the biblical way of thinking.” (police officer)

The team leader shares, “Coming to this country, I felt we were carrying precious seed and God opened the doors for us to plant those in fertile soil – hearts that were hungering for a deeper relationship with Him and for His truth. This was one of the most exciting trips of my life!”