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Find resources here to assist you as you prepare to “train up faithful ones who will be able to teach others also”. 2 Tim 2:2.

BELT offers a series of three intensive Bible seminars, called the Transformation Series, designed to explore God’s Word and its application to all of life.

Transformation Series – Storying Overview
With an emphasis on Bible storying, the first level seminar (Transformation of the Heart) focuses on God and the Gospel message with an emphasis on repentance and reconciliation to the purposes of God. The second level seminar, Transformation of Character, examines the lives of leaders throughout the historical periods of the Bible, with an examination of their ideas, their character, their contributions in leadership and the lessons we can glean. In the third level seminar, Transformation of Society, key passages are examined throughout the historical periods of the Bible to uncover God’s principles which impact all areas of society, with an emphasis on the family, church and civil government. ORALITY TOOLS Working in an oral culture? Find the visual Bible, a Bible action overview and the Kairos oral Bible (with 70 key worldview stories) here.

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A two week seminar designed to prepare and equip those teaching BELT seminars. This orientation seminar introduces trainers to the history of BELT, the curriculum and methodology of BELT, as well as provides principles of training adults and working across cultures. It introduces and develops the skills of Bible storying and Discovery Learning – learning methods of the majority world. A practicum is also strongly encouraged to accompany the in-class portion in which a mentor guides the trainer through his/her teaching and follows the teaching experience with an evaluation. Contact us for a seminar near you.

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