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Strategies & Benefits

Our Strategies

We seek to fulfill our vision by:
  • Providing holistic Bible training to secluded church and community leaders through various discipleship seminars and resources
  • Supporting the world-wide multiplication of the Bible School for the Nations (BSN) which effectively trains and mobilizes Bible teachers for BELT
  • Equipping trainers through BELT Orientation Seminars so they can disciple others through running BELT seminars in the nations
  • Creating and distributing tools, resources and seminars to be utilized for the transformation of individuals and people groups
  • Establishing BELT operating locations in each continent, able to provide holistic discipleship to the remotest of locations

Benefits of BELT Seminars

Field workers share what God accomplished during and after the BELT seminars.

Families Transformed

  • Decrease in adultery, alcoholism, domestic abuse and suicide
  • Increase in fathers’ involvement in the life of the family
  • Restored marriages and families
  • Qualitative growth in character
  • Physical and emotional healings
  • Improved stewardship with finances and the environment

Churches Strengthened

  • Unity fostered amongst disunified denominations
  • Greater confidence and skill in ministry
  • Increase in women involved in public ministry
  • Cell and house groups established
  • Confidence in reading and using vernacular Scriptures
  • Servant leadership promoted & strengthened

Communities Impacted

  • Decrease in gang violence and teenage pregnancies in schools
  • Formation of evangelism and outreach teams
  • Daily village-wide prayer and devotional times
  • Change in the spiritual atmosphere over a village
  • New kingdom initiatives begun in the community
  • Decrease in witchcraft and sorcery; destruction of idols