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“Reaching church leaders with BELT’s teachings is the beginning of this country’s transformation.” Mana, DR Congo

The need is great. The opportunities are vast. Our hope to be an answer for them is just as big. Read below for some significant long-term ventures of BELT.

Bangladesh, South Asia

Becoming independent in 1971, Bangladesh has known many years of civil and political unrest. With less than 1% Christian, the church in this secular majority Muslim nation is in need of discipleship, as well as multiplying and developing more leaders. BELT has been invited to equip and assist a local team which will be able to provide spiritual formation training for more than 500 young adults from 130 locations around the country.

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central Africa

Image of Intiative - CongoSituated in the center of Africa, the DRC is rich in its people and natural resources.  Following ten years of war with neighboring nations, millions were left dead and many more were emotionally and physically scarred. Many church leaders feel ill-equipped to meet the needs of the widowed, orphaned and traumatized; many have requested BELT training to “bring healing to our nation”. In partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators, BELT is working in over 30 people groups in 11 regions in the north-east.

Mexico, Latin America

At the heart of Mexico, the 8 most central states are less than 1% evangelical Christian. This is the least evangelized area in all of the Americas. It is commonly called the “Circle of Silence”, the darkest place in Mexico. Inhabiting these 8 states are 53 unreached people groups. The vision is to holistically disciple and mobilize them, in order to see the Word of God and His ways embraced as the foundation for personal, social and societal life.

Nepal, South Asia

Image of Women Surrounded by the Himalayas, this small nation was the only Hindu kingdom in the world. Now, under Communist Maoist rule, the future of Nepal is uncertain. BELT is assisting national YWAM church planters to disciple the increasing numbers of new converts in 18 unreached people groups, as well as equipping church leaders of the Himalayan region.

Yachts for Life, Pacific

Image of Initiatives in Fiji Hundreds of islands speckle the vast expanse of ocean where a vacuum exists for meaningful discipleship. Two sailing vessels will now be able to equip neglected outer Pacific island communities with Biblical training and also aid in each community’s practical development through bio-gas technologies, aquaponics and agricultural technology, water filtration, disaster relief preparation, and boating safety programs.