“God has used BELT to restore peace in my household.” Pastor Michel, DRC

Partners share what God accomplished during and after the BELT seminars.

Families Transformed

Image of Family

  • Decrease in adultery, alcoholism, domestic abuse and suicide
  • Increase in fathers’ involvement in the life of the family
  • Restored marriages and families
  • Qualitative growth in character
  • Physical and emotional healings
  • Improved stewardship with finances and the environment

Churches Strengthened

Image of Benefits

  • Unity fostered amongst disunified denominations
  • Greater confidence and skill in ministry
  • Increase in women involved in public ministry
  • Cell and house groups established
  • Confidence in reading and using vernacular Scriptures
  • Servant leadership promoted & strengthened

Communities Impacted

  • Decrease in gang violence and teenage pregnancies in schools
  • Formation of evangelism and outreach teams
  • Daily village-wide prayer and devotional times
  • Change in the spiritual atmosphere over a village
  • New kingdom initiatives begun in the community
  • Decrease in witchcraft and sorcery; destruction of idols