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Tools for Oral Learners

80 percent of the world learns best through oral means (International Orality Network, 2018). These 5.7 billion require or prefer non-print forms of communication, leaving them blind to the richness of God’s written Word. As oral communicators think, learn and communicate differently than print-oriented communicators, in order to engage in effective discipleship, methods suitable for oral cultures must be selected. BELT engages in oral strategies of chronological Bible storying, the use of narratives, dialogue, drama, and visual media. Find additional tools below.

Bible Action Overview

Using hand motions, teach an overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

“I was in a remote area of the Congo when I came across a young teenager doing the Bible Action Overview. I believe this tool is easily being multiplied in the Congo.” Missionary doctor

Kairos Oral Bible

Containing 70 key worldview stories from the chronological panorama of God’s Word, these audio Bibles bring the Scriptures to life on micro SD cards (for mobile phones) or solar powered audio players.

“Storytelling is the fastest growing method of evangelism and discipleship in the world today…. Without doubt, oral Bibles are the best way forward to make disciples of the non-literate unreached peoples of the world by bringing them the Word of God in a form they can understand.” Rick Leatherwood, Kairos International

Visual Bible Overview

Bring understanding of how the Bible fits together through this simple, visual overview of the historic periods of the Bible with some of the key players and events.

“Four billion (oral communicators) in our world are at risk of a Christless eternity unless literate Christians make significant changes in evangelism, discipleship, leader training, and church planting.” The Lausanne Committee on World Evangelization, 2004.