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The Challenge. Our Vision. Our Impact.

The Challenge: In many places in the world, the church is expanding, yet is riddled with unbiblical thinking and behavior due to its lack of scriptural understanding and application.  This lack of discipleship in the ways of God has resulted in broken families, divided churches struggling with sinful habits, and communities marked by vice and lost in hopelessness and pain.

Picking (the Bible) up, you need to remind yourself that you hold in your hands not only the most famous book in the world, but one that has extraordinary power to change lives, to change communities, to change the world. It’s done it before and it can do it again.

N. T Wright

Our Vision is to see communities and people groups transformed by the Word of God through empowering church and community leaders who have limited access to Biblical training. Our mission is to partner with mission organizations (prioritizing Wycliffe Bible Translators) and indigenous churches to develop leaders through culturally relevant Bible training that teaches them to apply the Scriptures to every area of life and equips them to teach and influence others. 2 Tim 2:2

Our Impact: With more than 270 seminars conducted in 37 nations, participants share the effect the training had.

  • From Educators:
    “We taught the BELT material to young people in the school where I work and we saw immorality and violence decrease. We will be teaching this BELT material at the coming conference for headmasters from our district.”
    Headmaster Anzadoka, DRC
  • From Civil Servants:
    “We had no idea the Bible had so much to say about our jobs…. We need this righteousness in our government and in our nation.” District Commissioner, DRC
  • From Pastors:
    “The course has brought unity among the pastors of the 10 denominations attending this course…which has not happened before.” Pastor Paul, Kenya
  • From Church Planters:
    “It has been a struggle to know what to preach each week in our church. The BELT seminar has not only given me material to teach, but also showed me how to be more creative and use stories to teach the Bible. As a result, I have more confidence to teach and preach.” Prokash, Nepal
  • From Missionaries:
    “The BELT Course helped us to have a broad picture of God’s heart for discipling the nation. It has renewed our passion for God and for the lost. It has equipped us to teach effectively and with authority.” Robert, Youth With A Mission National Director, S. Asia
  • From Families:
    “I realized I had been hard in disciplining our son and had built up a wall between us. I understood that I needed to forgive my son’s mistakes as God loves and forgives His children. When I went home that night, the Holy Spirit opened our hearts and broke down the walls between us. The seminar has helped bring transformation to my life and that of my family.” Participant, Indonesia

“This BELT project is transforming people’s hearts and minds, and has already started to transform aspects in society; and I believe it is going to transform the Congo.”

Dr. Bettina Gottschlich-Modibale, Scripture Engagement Consultant, SIL