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About Our Seminars

For more than twenty years, BELT has assisted Scripture Engagement endeavors around the world. The desire of BELT is to see God’s Kingdom expanded on earth through the transformation of individuals, families, churches, and communities by the Word and Spirit of God.  Our hosts make it possible to run contextualized outreaches and facilitate connection with principal leaders. We value partnerships with those who love Him and welcome your inquiries.

Peter Evans of SIL, host of BELT’s pilot project in 1995, shares the impact the seminars are still having amongst the Barai.  “The BELT courses were eye opening to the people that attended each of them, and their spiritual horizons were expanded greatly. From the first course, many were impacted and turning over their lives to Jesus.

The outreaches used during the course started a trend of the Barai going out on mission outreaches to distant Barai villages and beyond to other language areas. One man has now set up a church planting mission group and has been planting churches for years.

Using the vernacular Scriptures during the course presentations meant that young people’s literacy skills improved tremendously. Today there is still a strong work going on with Vernacular Scripture being used in the churches, and with early morning devotional meetings. There is also continued interest in, and effort towards, the Old Testament translation.” Peter Evans (2018)

To learn more about BELT seminars and the logistics of running a course, click to download our BELT Information Packet.

“It was such a delight … to have the enthusiastic BELT team come in and teach so clearly from the newly printed New Testament… Revival is sweeping through the Barai area…. Praise be to God.”

Peter Evans, SIL Host