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Transformation Series (TS) – Discovery Learning Overview

In this latest version (v4.0), outlines incorporate the participatory learning approach that is already encouraged in BELT’s methodology and values. This method allows participants to discover answers in God’s Word through collaborative and active learning. This version has retained the Bible storying format from TS v3.0.

TS Level 1: Transformation of the Heart

This first level seminar focuses on the beauty and wisdom of God and the profound Gospel message, with an emphasis on repentance and reconciliation to the purposes of God. 

Topics include: Pursuing the Truth. The Greatness of God. The Goodness of God. Growing in Friendship with God. The Value and Design of People. God’s Laws of Love. The Root of Sin. The Destructiveness of Sin. The Kindness of God in Salvation. Salvation from Sin. 

Africa – Pacific


Latin America

TS Level 2: Transformation of Character

This second level seminar examines the lives of leaders throughout the main historical periods of the Bible, with an examination of their ideas, their character, their contributions in leadership and the lessons we can glean.

Topics include: God’s Story of Redemption. Abraham (Walking by Faith). Joseph (Practicing Forgiveness). Moses (Growing in Humility). Joshua (Hearing & Courageously Obeying God). Deborah (Supporting Women in Ministry). David (Pursuing God with a Pure Heart). Daniel (Working with Excellence). Jesus (Leading as a Servant). Peter (Building Christian Unity). Paul (Spreading God’s Kingdom of Light). The Bible Action Overview.

TS Level 3: Transformation of Society

In this third level seminar, key passages are examined throughout the historical periods of the Bible to uncover principles which impact all areas of society, with an emphasis on the family, church and civil government.

Topics include: Discipling the Nations. Foundations for Freedom. The Pagan Government of Egypt. God Establishes the Righteous Nation of Israel. God’s Purpose and Plan for each Area of a Righteous and Free Society. The Failure of Character in Israel. The Decline and Fall of the Nation of Israel. Rebuilding the Broken Nation of Judah. The Example of Jesus in His Society. The Apostles and Society. Exploring Ways to Engage and Transform Your Community.

We are theologians and we have studied this material before, but the BELT way of teaching is different from what we do. It doesn’t just fill our brains, but is very practical teaching that changes our lives.

Pastor Naganea, DRC

The BELT Transformation Seminars are a University of the Nations Extended Studies Course. Graduates will receive 1 credit per week of the seminar with a possibility of 9 credits if all BELT Transformation Series Seminars (TS 1, 2, & 3) are completed.

University of the Nations