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Bible School for the Nations

A practical, life-giving study from creation to Revelation

The 6 month BSN core course is designed to provide a Biblical foundation, tools and skills for those who are hungry for the Living Word. As you study the Scriptures, deepen in your love for God and your desire to share His Word in the nations.

During the four month classroom phase of the BSN, students will grow in their biblical worldview as they gain an overall understanding of the Bible while studying it chronologically. With a focus on personal and societal application, students’ confidence in God will be enlarged as they understand His character, how He brings about His purposes in history, and learn His intentions for each sphere of society.

While learning various tools to interactively study the Bible, students will understand God’s Word in the context of its history, culture and literary styles. Skills will be developed to appropriately approach and study difficult passages as well as prepare and deliver topical and textual messages, along with Bible storying.

Further training is provided for students to become more creative and effective communicators so they not only know the Word, but know how to convey it. The two month outreach portion provides opportunity to disciple communities by providing culturally relevant and strategic Bible training to those who will influence others.

The BSN is a University of the Nations Bible Core Course. Graduates can receive up to 26 credits based upon completion of the course and participation in the outreach module. Successful completion of a DTS is required to attend the BSN.

University of the Nations

“During BSN, I fell in love with God in a new way. I came to realize that God is consistent from the Old to New Testament…  I saw His heart for people, specifically His heart for me. I found freedom I never knew I could have. I would recommend BSN to anyone who wants to know God not only through the truth of the Word, but through transformation in their own heart.”

Chris, USA

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